Smirking Convicted Rapist Owen Labrie Still Free, as NH Weighs More Charges (see photo)

Oct 31, 2015

Convicted and sentenced rapist Owen Labrie still remains free on bail while the prep school grad once more tries to overturn his felony conviction for luring a child via the Web and sexually assaulting her. 

Smirking Convicted Rapist Owen Labrie Still Free, as NH Weighs More Charges (see photo)

Labrie smirked in court last week when the sentencing judge called him a “liar” then gave him a year in county jail with four more to be served on probation at his family’s Vermont estate.

The 19-year-old must also register for life in the national sex offender database, a public-safety precaution which is mandatory for convicted sex offenders but from which Labrie is seeking an exemption.

Criminal justice experts say a smaller local jail will probably be a safer place for such an affluent child molester than an actual state prison. However, they expect he'd “be victimized” in either environment, since those who abuse children are targeted by inmates for similar abuse themselves.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire prosecutors are still probing Labries’s unlawful deletion of hundreds of emails and social media posts -- many of which contain vulgar confessions about his premeditated attack on a 15-year-old girl at the elite St. Paul prep school in 2014.

In them, Labrie revealed a blatantly criminal attitude toward his under-aged victim, as well as other freshman girls who he had successfully tricked to meet him during his *Senior Salute* spree last spring.

mug shot of Owen Labrie

“These accounts offer an alarming glimpse of calculated, strategic behavior targeted toward young women,” a prosecutor informed the court at the time of Labrie’s sentencing.

For instance, in one cell phone communiqué provided to police by a male classmate, he gloated about a sex strategy in which he would “feign intimacy” to entice unsuspecting girls “then stab them in the back” and “THROW EM IN THE DUMPSTER.”

Tampering and destruction of evidence could see Owen Labrie facing additional felony charges and a far lengthier sentence, if convicted. Especially since the material he sought to conceal from detectives went to the crux of the criminal complaint against him.

Throughout that investigation, and even during his rape trial, Labrie also illegally contacted others connected to the St. Paul School community -- including potential witnesses -- ostensibly to solicit donations to his defense fund.






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