Striking Teachers Threatened With Dead Animals in Peters Township - PA

Nov 18, 2015

Pennsylvania police are seeking to apprehend whoever’s been cruelly killing animals and throwing their carcasses at picket lines in the Peters Township school district. 

Dead squirrels, raccoons, and even a deer sprayed blue with the letters painted ‘PT’ on it have all been menacingly chucked at striking educators, or left at the scene for them to find the next day.

The massive teacher walkout in one of the state’s wealthiest districts has resulted in canceled classes, and become a thorn of contention for residents of the impacted area as well as the board of education.

The strike began on October 28th this year, primarily over salaries and healthcare costs, but must be resolved by the close of the upcoming Thanksgiving vacation term, if the western Pennsylvania school system wishes to avoid legal penalties.

At present, though, it seems neither side is willing to compromise and end the weeks-long stalemate. Thus tensions -- and hostilities -- are obviously escalating.

Animal Cruelty, Criminal Mischief, Menacing



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