Teenager and Woman Arrested for Dead Kids in Storage Locker - Frisco

Dec 16, 2015

A teen boy and an adult female are suspected of torturing and killing two little kids found dead in a San Francisco storage locker this week. 

Teenager and Woman Arrested for Dead Kids in Storage Locker - Frisco

The relationship of the suspects to the slain children is yet unknown, but police believe the pair beat and starved their young victims over a protracted period of time, then recently concealed their remains.

Autopsies are still pending on the “injured” bodies of the unnamed toddler girl and 6-year-old boy; and a third older child who was discovered alive but similarly mistreated has been placed in protective custody.

Investigators say the 17-year-old juvenile and 39-year-old woman accused of child endangerment, abuse, and murder had traveled extensively throughout northern California in the past few weeks.

The two were apprehended in the Quincy township following a tip about an emaciated girl seen sitting in a vehicle parked out front of their apartment building.

They each remain jailed on $1-million bond with respect to that 9-year-old victim, but are expected to be additionally charged in the deaths of the younger kids discovered hidden inside a storage unit.

Witnesses to the surviving child’s dramatic rescue over the weekend say she was in such an appalling state of neglect that first responders were visibly “shaken” when they arrived at the crime scene.

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