Is there a Serial Killer in Chillicothe Ohio?

Jun 25, 2015

The FBI suspects there’s a serial killer in Chillicothe Ohio and have at last joined forces with local authorities of the small town in hopes of apprehending him before he kidnaps and murders another young woman. 

Six have so far vanished since last spring and at least four of those females have now been confirmed as serially slain, in what many residents fear is more than just one predator’s homicidal handiwork.

“I felt that after the first three women went missing a year ago, it had to be someone they all know and trust to even go with them,” said Angela Robinson, whose own daughter is counted among the victims.

“And it has to be more than one person,” she told ABC News this week, “because my daughter was not a small person.”

Robinson also echoed concerns of other townspeople whose daughter, sister, mother or neighbor somehow landed on the kill list:

“I don’t think [cops] were worried because they were saying ‘these are just women who are strung out on drugs, or doing whatever,’” she astutely said.

The bodies, which are often dumped in freshwater, have indeed racked up quickly in such a short timeframe, since most if not all of the murdered women had substance abuse problems and were rumored to be involved in prostitution as well.

Addicts and sex workers are the frequent targets of opportunistic serial slayers for the reason that they’re a class of victim that, traditionally, law enforcement cares very little about.

But with a half-dozen such deaths in only 13 months that bad attitude appears to have been cured, especially now that the FBI also believes there's a serial killer in Chillicothe Ohio.


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