Two Black Teens Charged in Murderous Carjacking Joyride - Missouri

Nov 15, 2015

Two black Missouri teenagers have been charged for fatally carjacking a white motorist and taking the woman’s car on a joyride with her dead body in it

The pair stabbed 43-year-old Tanya Chamberlain multiple times as she was at a public carwash earlier this month, then shoved her bloody corpse in the backseat of her vehicle and took off with it.

Minutes later, a patrolman observed the stolen car weaving through traffic but, when he attempted to pull the driver over for DUI, the two young suspects fled the scene on foot.

They remained at large for at least a day after the incident; even going to school in the same hooded sweatshirts they had been videotaped wearing the night they launched their deadly crime spree.

Classmates recognized their fellow eighth-graders as the hooded black youths filmed on Quick Clean’s surveillance cameras viciously ambushing the victim as she was vacuuming her vehicle.

It hasn’t been determined yet if the 13 and 14-year-old killers will be tried as adults or juveniles.



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