TWO BUCKS: Captive Deer No Petty Crime in WV

Jul 8, 2015

Police have charged a man who kept captive deer inside his rural West Virginia home, although why anyone but Santa would want to do such a thing remains an unsolved mystery

The arrest this week for the weird crime followed a citizen complaint filed over the weekend that two bucks were being confined in a dwelling near Cabell County.

It’s against the law in the state to cage wildlife or to enclose them in any area where they cannot freely roam, so responding officers who confirmed the presence of deer in the unidentified man’s house set them free immediately.

Prosecution is now pending for their illegal caretaker, officials say.

Investigators believe the captive deer had been imprisoned in the suspect’s residence “for at least a year,” judging from the age of the deer.

A snapshot of the liberated bucks shows two alert and healthy animals, which suggests they hadn’t been terribly mistreated there.

Eponymous Rox

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