Vandals Throw Pig Head At Philly Mosque (graphic image)

Dec 8, 2015

Police in the City of Brotherly Love are trying to apprehend at least two haters who threw the severed pig head (below) onto the steps of an Arab mosque.  

Vandals Throw Pig Head At Philly Mosque (graphic image)

Surveillance cameras captured an image of a red truck circling the Al-Aqsa Islamic center last night, then stopping near its entrance and chucking a pig’s head out the passenger window before driving off.

The gruesome object landed at the front door, sitting there in a pool of blood until an employee discovered it during this morning’s prayer service.

Whoever the guilty parties are, their victims say the message they left on Sunday is clearly “hate motivated.”

The choice of a butchered pig head is also particularly offensive, since pork is a forbidden food for followers of Islam.

In addition to serving as a community mosque, the vandalized building houses an Islamic school and the Arab American Development Corporation of Philadelphia.

The city’s newly-elected mayor Jim Kenney has called on his constituents to join him “in rejecting this despicable act, and supporting our Moslem neighbors.”

If caught, the perpetrators could be additionally prosecuted for committing a hate crime.




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