Was Lancaster NH Circus Tent Collapse An Act of God, or Criminal Negligence?

Aug 4, 2015

Inspectors are trying to learn if the Lancaster NH circus tent collapse was an act of God or due to faulty construction and recklessness. 

A massive storm system blew into the region yesterday evening, destroying the flimsy structure and, in the process, killing or maiming at least two-dozen spectators gathered inside.

Police are reporting today that 22 people were injured during the natural disaster, while a father and his young daughter are both dead.

Severe weather advisories had been locally issued almost 20 minutes before high winds and torrential downfalls struck the town of Lancaster, initially trapping about 100 people inside the Walker Brothers Circus tent when it ripped free from its moorings.

Known as “an act of God” in legal and insurance terminology, the deadly weather event gave some advance notice it was coming, with dangerously blackened skies, cloud-to-ground lightning and gusts up to 60 MPH. Although no one seems to have heeded those warnings.

A timely alert from the National Weather Service was broadcast too, but by then circus attendees, performers and workers were probably more concerned with live entertainment than tuning into their radios or cell phones.

Fire Marshalls confirm, in fact, that the main attraction had just started when the powerful storm arrived to wreak havoc last night; something which would account for why so many fell so quickly in harm’s way.

“We all this morning have heavy hearts because it is a tragedy,” New Hampshire governor Maggie Hassan publicly announced on Tuesday. “We lost two lives, a father and a daughter, at an event that was supposed to be fun.”

The names of all the victims have not been released yet, and the investigation into whether the Lancaster NH circus tent collapse was caused by criminal negligence -- or solely an act of God for which no human can be held responsible -- is ongoing.

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