Wife of Actor Sean Connery Charged in Illicit Goldfinger Scheme - Spain

Nov 30, 2015

Actor Sean Connery's wife of 40 years, Micheline Roquebrune, has been charged by Spanish prosecutors for her role in a fraudulent real estate scheme dubbed Goldfinger. 

The celebrity couple now lives in the Bahamas, but is linked to a 2010 fraud investigation that pivots on their sale of a coastal villa they once owned in Marbella Spain.

The Connerys unloaded the lavish property in 1999 for nearly $10-million -- deed restrictions and all.

However, the mansion itself was subsequently razed and a 72-unit luxury apartment complex constructed where it originally stood.

Zoning laws prohibit more than five such units to be built on the seaside plot, though. A fact which all parties involved in the transaction were evidently aware of, including Connery’s spouse.

Investigators believe those dwelling and occupancy limitations were deviously circumvented by the wife of James Bond actor, Sean Connery, who may have been working in complicity with the developer even before the villa was actually sold.

Spanish officials announced her indictment for fraud this weekend, stating that legal notice will now be sent to the Bahaman authorities requesting Ms. Roquebrune be returned to Spain and face prosecution.

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