Womb Raider Stabbed Pregnant Woman and Stole Her Fetus - NYC

Nov 21, 2015

A womb raider assaulted and strangled a young pregnant woman to death on Friday in NYC, then surgically removed her fetus. 

The 22-year-old victim was fatally stabbed in the stomach multiple times by an unnamed female, whose motive for the attack was to steal her unborn baby.

First responders arrived in the Bronx neighborhood to find the suspect cradling a murdered mother’s healthy newborn, and claiming she had birthed it herself during their bloody confrontation.

Officers rescued the infant and the caesarian kidnapper was arrested at the scene.

Investigators don’t know yet if she was acquainted with her victim before striking yesterday afternoon, or if the target was selected at random.

The biological father of the newborn has been denied access to his day-old child, pending a full investigation.

The gruesome crime resembles one committed earlier this year in Colorado, when an expectant mother was lured to a womb raider’s home through a Craigslist ad for used baby clothes.

That stolen fetus wasn’t full-term so it died in the premeditated assault, although the 26-year-old victim did survive her knife wounds.


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