World War Zimmerman

May 12, 2015

Either George Zimmerman is at war with the world, or the world is warring Zimmerman...  

Ever since he gunned down Trayvon Martin for scaring him with a bag of Skittles, and got away with it, he’s been in endless altercations with similarly unarmed victims requiring police intervention.

The latest fray this week, however, saw Zimmerman finally taking it on the cheek -- literally -- as the motorist of a prior road rage incident with him sought a rematch and attempted to shoot George in the head.

His related facial wounds were allegedly minor, but the near brush with death should serve as a wakeup call, both for Zimmerman himself, and for law enforcement which has shown this ex judge’s son inexplicable favoritism, over and over again.

George Zimmerman graphic image, by Eponymous Rox

In all, Zimmerman’s perpetrated a handful of offenses in the short time since the former self-appointed neighborhood watchman was acquitted in the 2013 shooting death of unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin.

And the majority of those confrontations involved domestic assaults, which, even before Martin’s tragic slaying, Zimmerman had been busted for at least once, police admit.

His pronounced history of violence, plus the nonstop crime spree he’s evidently enjoying now, leaves little doubt that someone else, someday soon, will wrongfully die at his hands again.

Only next time, there’ll be more than George Zimmerman to blame for it.



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