83yo McMillionaire Found Bludgeoned to Death in Her Mansion - NY

Nov 11, 2015

Home invasion and a fire extinguisher is suspected in the bludgeoning death of an 83yo millionaire fast-food franchisee at her Westchester New York mansion this week. 

Lois Colley was found “brutally” murdered in her laundry room on November 9th, but police say nothing of value was taken and the wealthy socialite’s husband is “not a suspect.”

They are, however, looking for "a fire extinguisher” which was suspiciously absent from Monday’s crime scene and could just be the murder weapon.

Investigators are asking the Westchester community to “search” their estates for it and to “remain vigilant and alert.”

No description of the *deadly* device was provided, however.

Eponymous Rox


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