Aaron Hernandez Rests His Case (pic)

Apr 7, 2015

Lawyers for accused killer Aaron Hernandez rested their case yesterday after offering only three witnesses for the defense, suggesting that today’s closing arguments could be similarly brief. 

Their case, as they see it, is that the former NFL star is innocent, and everything else, except maybe the athlete’s persistent drug problems and pronounced history of violence, is purely circumstantial.

Throughout the proceedings, an often smirking Hernandez has sat coolly in court, even when the testimony or evidence presented against him was particularly damning.

And, to be sure, most of it was.

The ugly portrait that has emerged of the pro-footballer, as a result, is one he basically painted himself: An unstable young man with substance abuse issues and an overinflated sense of entitlement who’s prone to extreme acts of brutality, which, prosecutors contend, also includes murder.

Aaron Hernandez arrest for murder of Odin Lloyd

Charges that Aaron Hernandez preplanned the gangland styled shooting death of best friend, Odin Lloyd -- virtually in his own backyard and following a night of booze and drugs -- are being backed up by video surveillance and DNA, among other important exhibits.

But this doesn’t seem to phase a defendant who, clearly, neither mourns the loss of his slain buddy nor that he looks very much now to be the victim’s remorseless murderer.

The motive that’s slowly bubbled to the surface during the two years since Lloyd’s premeditated slaying in 2013 at an industrial park not far from Hernandez’s mansion is equally disturbing.

Prosecutors say it was merely to eliminate a key witness who had knowledge about an earlier drive-by shooting in which Hernandez is believed to have been the triggerman.

Two people were gunned down in the 2012 confrontation which began in a Boston nightclub over a spilled drink, so, whether or not Aaron Hernandez is acquitted in the current matter, he’ll next face trial for a double homicide.

He’s pleaded not guilty in that case as well.


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