Dead Giveaway: Aaron Hernandez DNA

Mar 6, 2015 - 0 Comments

Bad news for Aaron Hernandez in his trial for the ruthless gangland-style killing of an ex pal and fellow footballer in 2013.

Aaron Hernandez arrest for murder of Odin Lloyd 

A state police lab expert just told jurors she’d tested a 2-inch marijuana butt found at the scene of the crime and determined it had both the DNA of the defendant on it and his victim’s.


Odds that it wasn’t actually Hernandez’s but someone else by weird coincidence? “One in more than a quadrillion,” the scientist assured.  Or, more simply put, zip, nil, nada.


These days the virtually infallible nature of DNA fingerprinting is putting many a murderous thug like Hernandez behind bars, and giving dozens of the wrongly accused and convicted their freedom once again.


So, sharing a nice big fatty with best buddy Odin Lloyd just before executing him not only shows Aaron Hernandez to be perhaps the biggest Judas on record since … well … Judas himself. It also makes the former star athlete eligible now for the ‘Stupid Criminal of the Year’ award.


He sat in court oblivious to the meaning of it all, however. By his smug and aloof demeanor, apparently pleased he’ll never again make millions of dollars just kicking around a football.




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