Aged Missouri Murderer to be Executed

Mar 16, 2015 - 0 Comments

An aged Missouri murderer is to be executed tomorrow, the senior citizen's crime and imminent punishment all but forgotten amid Ferguson’s most recent gunfights and street brawls. 

Until he bids the world adieu though, cop killer Cecil Clayton, 74, remains the oldest inmate on Missouri’s death row.

He’s scheduled to be put to death on Saint Patrick’s Day by lethal injection for gunning down a sheriff's deputy in rural southwestern Barry County in 1996.

Clayton’s defense team, however, has filed an eleventh-hour appeal to the State for mercy.

They’re arguing their client “has brain damage” sustained prior to the killing when a wood shard somehow pierced his skull. As a result “eight-percent of his brain had to be removed by surgeons,” they say.

Courts don’t generally sentence mentally disabled prisoners to die, so it’s a fairly clever claim, especially when factoring in Clayton’s far below average IQ of 71.

The present contest over the alleged incompetence of Cecil Clayton is similar to a 1992 death penalty case that former Arkansas governor Bill Clinton refused to intervene on.

In that one, 40-year-old Ricky Ray Rector was condemned for killing a police officer too, and he also insisted his criminality had been greatly influenced by prior head trauma.

Apparently, Rector had unsuccessfully attempted suicide by blowing his brains out sometime before his arrest for murdering a patrolman, but that lasting scar held little sway in later saving his life.

So, if the Missouri murderer isn’t granted clemency either -- and Missourians can yank their eyes off the Ferguson mayhem for just a moment -- then they’ll see their state is well on track to meeting or exceeding last year’s record number of executions.

This will be the second already, and 2015 is barely three months old yet.



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