Amber Alert Deactivated

Mar 10, 2015 - 0 Comments

An Amber Alert for a one-year-old baby boy violently abducted from his mother’s southern California home by a biological father with a rap sheet, and transported by the man across the Mexican border, has been deactivated.

Jayden Nathaniel Santiago was found in Tijuana disoriented but safe, and his father, 37-year-old Giovany Santiago-Enriquez, promptly apprehended by US Marshals.

Early yesterday morning the infant had been kidnapped by Santiago-Enriquez following a vicious knife attack on the mother and her new boyfriend. The suspect then fled the scene in a 2006 gray Nissan Altima with the frightened child in tow.

Santiago-Enriquez reportedly shouted “die, die, die” as he was stabbing the couple, chucking the bloody weapon out the car window when he sped away.

AMBER ALERT: Jayden Santiago

Concern for the safety and welfare of the kidnapped one-year-old was further deepened by the fact that his 200-pound abductor had not only threatened to commit suicide in the past but actually attempted to do so on at least one occasion.

But today, Santiago-Enriquez remains in police custody pending arraignment on assault, kidnapping and other related charges, while officials finalize plans to reunite his son with the boy’s traumatized mother.

Upon news of this unusually happy outcome and the subsequent cancellation of an Amber Alert, Jayden’s mom expressed her gratitude and relief.  “Once I have my baby in my arms,” she said, “everything else can slowly fix itself.”


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