Angelika Graswald Updates (weird twists and a pricey defense)

May 10, 2015

Latest updates on the Angelika Graswald whodunit are generating more questions than answers, and now it seems she may have been falsely arrested, too. 

From the start, accusations that the 35-year-old somehow staged the Hudson River kayak “accident” which appears to have claimed the life of her 46-year-old fiancé, Vincent Viafore, were sketchy at best.

Viafore remains missing after April 2015’s boating mishap and is presumed now to have drowned, but, shortly after his alleged death, Graswald was thrown in jail as the prime suspect, with investigators broadly hinting at some kind of secret evidence.

Since then, however, and despite the law requiring them to charge or release the prisoner, nothing of substance has materialized to backup their claims -- not even the victim’s body.

Weirder still, last week, amid widespread speculation that Angelika Graswald had finally been indicted by a grand jury for drowning her boyfriend, county prosecutors poked their heads out to issue an indictment disclaimer … and, again, to mutter more vague assertions about Graswald’s guilt.

Alas, by this week’s end, the suspense has only further deepened, as the supposedly financially-strapped Latvian-born blonde -- formerly reliant on her now-dead beau for economic support -- has somehow managed to retain a famous defense attorney.

If she ever actually has to defend herself against a murder charge, that is.



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