Arrest for Python Double Murder (pic)

Mar 31, 2015 - 0 Comments

Investigation into the python double murder of two young brothers nearly two years ago has finally resulted with the arrest of the super-sized snake’s “negligent” owner. 

The boys, 4 and 6, were found strangled to death at Jean Claude Savoie’s apartment in Ottawa Canada.

Canadian officials say it took all this time to conclude that the 38-year-old was responsible for the killings, because they were consulting with experts and carefully analyzing forensic evidence to be absolutely certain they were right to charge him.

In August 2013 the two brothers were asleep in Savoie’s living-room when his mammoth African rock python attacked and asphyxiated each of them. Police say it was not properly housed in the subject’s home and he didn’t have a license to own it in the first place.

Constrictor feeding on a large dairy goat

Earlier that same day, the doomed siblings had spent time at a dairy petting zoo as well, and those enticing animal odors on their clothes and hands are believed to have further contributed to the snake’s unusually aggressive behavior toward them.

Rock pythons are known for having volatile personalities anyway, especially when hungry, and some experts say they are often born “biting.”

The corpses of both children had in fact displayed evidence of bite marks, in addition to telltale bruising and crushed torsos.

The 2013 python double murder still astonished most reptile handlers though, since it’s exceptionally rare for these predators to slay more than one victim at a time, and, unlike human beings, no snake variety kills solely for recreation.


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