Best friends charged with murder -- a real-life "Thelma and Louise"?

Oct 6, 2012 - 0 Comments

Produced by Alec Sirken and Taigi Smith CBS NEWS

LAKE CHARLES, La. | Robyn Davis and Carol "Cissy" Saltzman do what southern women have always done when times get tough: They head to the salon to look their best... and they are doing it together.

You won't find two women who are closer.

"It's the kind of friendship that all people should have," Robyn explained. "'s the one person that you can call no matter what and they're there regardless... and I mean, most people don't have that..."

"She is a very generous very kind, loving person. She's a wonderful mother..." Cissy told "48 Hours." She then turned to Robyn. "You know, you are. You're a great girl, I love you."


"Well thank you, I love you too, sister..." said Robyn.

These days their 20-year friendship is more important than ever, since they've been charged with murder -- together -- after Robyn's husband was shot to death alongside his car on an isolated road. Both women adamantly deny the charge. Read More

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