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Anti Abortionists Have a Scary New Spokesman (Like it or Not)
Dec 10, 2015,

PHOTO: Colorado’s latest psychotic shooter Robert Dear is proud to be a “warrior for babies” and won’t let his evil public defender “silence” him about Planned Parenthood. 

Mounted Officer Down (to comfort his dying patrol horse)
Dec 10, 2015,

PHOTO: Mounted officer D. Herrejon comforts his dying patrol horse Charlotte, after she was fatally struck by a vehicle while on patrol last week. 

Missing Bro of TV Star Kristin Cavallari Led a Troubled Life (pics)
Dec 9, 2015,

Sources claim the illustrious Cavallari family delayed reporting their black sheep, Michael, missing last month so his disappearance wouldn’t mar their reputation. 

No Known Motive in Stabbing Death of Sleeping Kid by Indiana Intruder - Kentucky
Dec 9, 2015,

A popular Kentucky kindergartener was knifed to death as he slept, during a predawn attack perpetrated by a very strange Indiana stranger. 

21yo Found Dead in Her Car of a Gunshot Wound Was Stalked by Rival (photo, tip line)
Dec 9, 2015,

A 21-year-old woman who recently revealed on Facebook that she was “being stalked” by a rival has been found dead in her vehicle of a gunshot wound. 

Anti-Semite Serial Arsonist Loose in NYC?
Dec 9, 2015,

A serial arsonist has torched six newly-built Jewish homes in New York City in as many weeks. 

ALERT: Young Navy Officer Vincent Ferdin Missing in SC (see photo)
Dec 8, 2015,

South Carolina officials and the family of missing naval officer Vincent Ferdin (below) are asking the public’s help in finding him.