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Search Ends for Missing Baby Ember After Suspect Father Is Shot Dead.
Jul 15, 2015,

Police say the search for missing baby Ember Graham is now suspended after her suspect father was shot dead this week while fleeing an arrest. 

Another Prison Break, Another Manhunt.
Jul 15, 2015,

A Mississippi manhunt is underway for two of four escaped convicts still on the run after the group made a cunning jailbreak on Monday and two were later recaptured. 

NYPD officer Little Miss Dangerous has left the building (photo)
Jul 14, 2015,

NYPD cop “Little Miss Dangerous” has left the building for good, according to department officials who said that their disgraced officer has resigned from the force this month, a day after her latest arrest. 

Oops - Kidnap Caper Was DUMB but Not a Hoax Admit Cops in CA
Jul 14, 2015,

Cali cops admit a curious kidnap caper was dumb but not a hoax after all, although they still haven’t actually apologized for insulting the woman who was inexpertly abducted. 

Two More Charged for the Birthday Boy Beating Death (case update)
Jul 14, 2015,

Two more adults are charged for the birthday boy beating death of 9-year-old Jack Garcia on June 30, 2015 in Maryland. 

Driving Under the Influence of a Sex Toy Caused Fender Bender in UK
Jul 14, 2015,

A British woman driving under the influence of a sex toy loss control of her Mini Cooper and plowed into the back of a fish delivery van, then naively hoped to conceal the reason for the embarrassing accident. 

US Biomed Firm NYBC Abandons Lab Monkeys - Leaves Them To Die (Liberia)
Jul 13, 2015,

NYBC, an American biomed firm that makes multimillions in profits each year on products they tested on now-retired lab monkeys, has reneged on the lifelong care they promised to provide the exploited animals, allegedly because