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THE RIGHT STUFF: Hero Teen Footballer Zae Dobson Died Shielding Girls From Bullets (photo)
Dec 19, 2015,

When the bullets started flying this week in Knoxville Tennessee, young Zae Dobson heroically threw himself in their path, saving the lives of three girls by sacrificing his own. 

UN Persecuted Whistleblower Instead of Its Pedophile Peacekeepers - Africa
Dec 18, 2015,

An independent probe has revealed that UN officials refused to take action when a whistleblower told them that pedophile peacekeepers were sexually exploiting African refugee children. 

Cops to AWOL Affluenza Teen Ethan Couch: We Are Gonna Find You.
Dec 18, 2015,

Wealthy but worthless ‘Affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch below is being sought by state and federal authorities for violating his parole and, quite possibly, fleeing the country. 

FOUL PLAY: Missing Woman Kajavia Globe Found Dead in Detroit (photos)
Dec 18, 2015,

Missing woman Kajavia Globe (below) was found dead this week, days after a suspect wearing a skeleton mask and driving her car used the 24-year-old’s bank cards at a drive-thru ATM. 

Sandy Hook Truther, Professor James Tracy, Gets Termination Notice from FAU (twitter pic)
Dec 17, 2015,

Shown below, outspoken conspiracy theorist -- and soon-to-be fired Florida Atlantic University professor -- James Tracy is one of the leading Sandy Hook Truthers. 

Millionaire Saudi Who Claimed He Accidentally Raped Sleeping Woman Acquitted - UK
Dec 17, 2015,

Saudi rape suspect Ehsan Abdulaziz escaped prosecution after cooking up a cockamamie claim that he “accidentally penetrated” the teen victim last August when he “tripped” over her. 

Accused Cannibal Castaway Sued by Family of Eaten Shipmate (photo)
Dec 17, 2015,

A famous former castaway, accused of eating his fellow fisherman to survive being lost at sea for a record-setting 14+ months, is being sued for cannibalism by his dead shipmate’s family.