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Atlanta Cheating Scandal: Day of Reckoning for Teachers (and RICO)
Apr 14, 2015,

Prosecutors in the Atlanta cheating scandal spent the weekend offering last-minute plea deals to defendant educators convicted on federal racketeering charges -- and the court has urged the disgraced teachers to accept those odd of

Jodi Arias Judge Throws Away The Key (pic)
Apr 13, 2015,

The sentencing judge for Jodi Arias locked her up for life today and threw away the key, sending the convicted killer back to jail, without the possibility of parole

Teen Daughters of Mary Kay and Vili Fualaau Go Public
Apr 13, 2015,

The teen daughters of Mary Kay Letourneau and ViliFualaau made their first public appearance when their scandal-plagued parents were interviewed by Barbara Walters on 20/20 on April 10, 2015. 

Man Celebrated Birthday with Crime Spree
Apr 13, 2015,

Birthday boy Ronald Anderson celebrated his 48th year on the planet this month with a two-hour crime spree that began with a kidnapping and ended in murder. 

Missing Boy Found Dead in the Mississippi
Apr 13, 2015,

The parent of a missing boy found dead in the Mississippi River over the weekend is now the “prime suspect” in his suspicious disappearance and death. 

Cheetah Zoo: Mom Enticed Big Cats by Dangling Tot (pics)
Apr 12, 2015,

Officials at the cheetah zoo where a woman’s toddler was injured this week claim she enticed the big cats by dangling her child over a rail and then dropping him into their enclosure. 

#AMINEXT: Canada’s Quiet Little Genocide of Indigenous Females (photos)
Apr 12, 2015,

Hashtag #AMINEXT is currently being used to draw urgent attention to the plight of indigenous females in Canada who have been systematically targeted there for a quiet little genocide, over the past few decades.