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Exonerated Brothers Awarded Compensation
Apr 12, 2015,

Two exonerated brothers falsely convicted for a 1975 murder in Ohio were awarded over $1.6 million from the Ohio Court of Claims on Friday, April 10, 2015. 

BREAKING: DC Shooter Neutralized (bomb suspected)
Apr 11, 2015,

A Washington DC shooter has just been “neutralized” and the nation’s capitol building is in major lockdown mode now, as police search the government compound for additional suspects and isolate a suspicious package. 

Bieber versus Buenos Aires (mugshot)
Apr 11, 2015,

Justin Bieber has alienated yet another foreign country and its judicial system with his bad self and wanton criminality -- this time Argentina. 

Serial Bride: I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do…
Apr 11, 2015,

A serial bride who’s said “I do” at least 10 times in as many years, and who may still be technically married to half her hubbies, has been arrested in New York City and charged for her elaborate wife-for-hire scam. 

Pamela Smart Hitman in Husband’s Murder Paroled
Apr 10, 2015,

Alleged Pamela Smart hitman, Patrick Randall, who as a teenager murdered Gregory Smart, 24, won release from prison on Thursday, April 9, 2015 at his first parole hearing. 

Anjelica Hadsell: Grave and Corpse Found
Apr 10, 2015,

The search for Anjelica Hadsell, missing since March 2, 2015, has come to a sad end this week, upon the discovery of a shallow grave with fresh human remains in it. 

Skydevil Andreas Lubitz Spiked Java of Germanwings Co-Pilot
Apr 10, 2015,

Self proclaimed skydevil Andreas Lubitz is now suspected of having “spiked” his senior co-pilot’s java with a diuretic so he’d need to urgently leave the cockpit to urinate.