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KKK and Prison Guards Plotted to Kill Black Inmate
Apr 3, 2015,

A murderous mishmash of KKK and prison guards plotted a black inmate’s murder, Florida officials report. 

That’s landed the bunch of hoods in jail themselves, as the FBI continues to investigate the matter.

Another Getty Grandson Dies Troubled and Young
Apr 2, 2015,

Yet another Getty grandson dies troubled, young, and under vexing circumstances.   


Titanic Just One of 3 Sister Ships of Doom (photos)
Apr 2, 2015,

Final work on the Titanic in preparation for her upcoming maiden voyage was completed April 2, 1912, but even before that ill-fated journey was launched a week later, her makers already knew she was anything but “unsinkabl

Pennsylvania Chainsaw Murders
Apr 2, 2015,

Philly’s chainsaw murders of a husband and wife this week were actually a homicide and suicide, committed while their kids were out visiting with friends or neighbors. 

Atlanta’s Cheater Teachers Head to Jail
Apr 1, 2015,

Atlanta’s cheater teachers head to jail today, following the dirty dozen’s conviction of felony racketeering charges under the federal government’s RICO law. 

Michigan Prison Food is Garbage (for real)
Apr 1, 2015,

No joke, prison food is garbage in Michigan detention centers where the notorious *culinary* service provider Aramark is in charge of the menu. 

Will Aaron Hernandez Get Away With Murder (again)?
Apr 1, 2015, - 0 Comments

Aaron Hernandez has probably already gotten away with murder a number of times throughout his short life, but this may be the first he does so with everybody looking.