Bogus Boy Toy and His Gal Pal Indicted in Gay Murder Love Triangle (photos)

Dec 27, 2015

The young California couple below has been indicted in the romantic setup and murder of a 52-year-old wealthy gay Texan last spring. 

Boy Toy and Gal Pal Indicted in Gay Murder Love Triangle (photos)

David Meza, 25, and his longtime girlfriend Taylor Marie Langston, 20, are accused of killing millionaire Jake Merendino, after the victim named Meza -- whom he believed was his lover -- as sole heir to a fortune.

The heartless plot quickly unraveled, though, when police discovered Merendino’s vehicle and butchered corpse at the bottom of a ravine just across the Mexican border.

He had been stabbed in the chest multiple times, and the scheming twosome who did it were apprehended a short time later at his luxury seaside condominium in Baja California.

If convicted, bogus boy toy David Meza faces life in prison on charges related to homicidal domestic-violence, conspiracy to commit murder, and obstruction of justice.

Meza’s conniving gal pal could see a lengthy sentence too for her role as his accomplice; although, at the moment, she’s free on bond to nurse their newborn infant.

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