Kendra Hatcher Killing: Cops Claim Mastermind Brenda Delgado is in Mexico (pics)

Oct 25, 2015

Texas officials say the mastermind murderer of Dr. Kendra Hatcher long ago fled “to Mexico” where she has close ties to a dangerous drug cartel and dual citizenry. 

WANTED FOR MURDER OF KENDRA HATCHER: fugitive Brenda Delgado, 33.

Shown in the mug shot above, Brenda Delgado is wanted in the U.S. for plotting the execution-style killing of her 35-year-old romantic rival, as the pretty Dallas dentist was parking in a garage not far from her home.

Both the hired getaway driver and the hitman have been in custody since September and face multiple charges related to Delgado’s successful murder-for-hire scheme.

The 33-year-old mastermind herself was also on police radar within only days of the Dr. Hatcher murder and even brought in for questioning … but for some inexplicable reason wasn’t placed on surveillance.

This week, following growing criticism for failing to detain the Mexican/American suspect before she could escape prosecution, Dallas authorities announced that fugitive Brenda Delgado was in Mexico with her “drug cartel” family.

A fourth individual who is believed to have provided her with logistical support in the barbaric assassination of Kendra Hatcher on September 2nd has never been named and is also still at large.

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Kendra Hatcher Killing: Cops Claim Mastermind Brenda Delgado is in Mexico (pics)

Dr. Kendra Hatcher (above photo) was killed because she dated Delgado's ex-boyfriend.




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