Break in Jacob Wetterling Kidnapping Cold Case: Kiddie Pornographer Busted (see reward poster)

Oct 30, 2015

Shown in the reward poster below, Jacob Wetterling, 11, was abducted from central Minnesota in the fall of 1989. He was never found and his missing persons case remained unsolved for more than two decades. 

Break in Jacob Wetterling Kidnapping Cold Case: Kiddie Pornographer Busted (see reward poster)

This week, however, a known kiddie pornographer has been named as a POI (person of interest) in Wetterling’s kidnapping and presumed sex assault and murder.

According to investigators the 52-year-old man popped up on their radar after DNA linked him to a similar nonfatal abduction committed months before Jacob Wetterling was snatched while biking with his brother outside their St. Joseph, MN home.

The FBI also charged Daniel Heinrich with five counts of possessing and/or distributing child porn yesterday, noting that some of the contraband seized from the defendant’s Annandale property included hidden-cam videos of boys bicycling.

The break in young Wetterling’s cold case kidnapping comes nearly 26 years to the day that the child was taken by a masked and armed man on October 22, 1989.

The missing boy’s parents -- who never gave up trying to find their son and started a foundation to help the families of other missing children – cautiously welcomed this week’s developments:

“The search for Jacob is an ongoing investigation and we will watch and learn like everyone else,” they said in a written statement.

Although the criminal complaint against Daniel James Heinrich references other attacks on under-aged males during the 1980s, police have stopped short of officially identifying him as a “suspect” in Wetterling’s 1989 disappearance.

They said Heinrich has a prior arrest record for such offenses, but adamantly denies he harmed this particular boy.


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