#BREAKING: Terrorists in Drag Storm NSA

Mar 30, 2015 - 0 Comments

Two wannabe terrorists in drag attempted to slam their vehicle into the National Security Agency training center near Baltimore, Maryland on Monday. 

They didn’t succeed – one was shot dead and the other “severely injured.”

The incident occurred at the main gate of the NSA facility at Fort Meade, when two unknown males arrived there by car “dressed as females,” an agency official states.

When the peculiar pair were denied admittance they attempted “to penetrate” the checkpoint by force, eyewitnesses claim.

A shootout then erupted during which a police officer was mildly hurt and one of the terrorists in drag was killed.

The other armed suspect somehow survived the hail of bullets, but is reportedly in critical condition with gunshot wounds.

Neither individual’s name has been released yet, due to an ongoing investigation.

The startling event has all the outward appearances of a bungled terrorist attack, however a spokesperson for the FBI insists it “was not.”


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