Captive Woman was Raped 6 Times a Day for 5 Weeks - Alaska

Nov 14, 2015

A woman held captive by her kidnapper says she was raped by him six times a day for five straight weeks, until police rescued her from his Alaska hunting cabin. 

Daniel Selovich restrained the unnamed woman with duct tape and rope, investigators stated.

They also said that, at the time of his arrest this month, there was extensive evidence on the woman’s body -- especially her face and neck -- of having been bound, bit and repeatedly beaten.

The suspect, who is known by the moniker ‘Pirate’, was previously acquainted with his victim before luring her to his remote prison shack near Fairbanks last month.

According to an Alaskan state trooper’s report, she told officers that the abuse was so severe she finally thought “it would be better for her to run away from the cabin and possibly be eaten by a bear than continue being physically and sexually assaulted.”

She eventually was able to make contact with someone via social media, after apparently convincing her abuser she needed emergency medical treatment.

Selovich has been arraigned on several criminal counts related to kidnapping and sexual assault. His accuser isn't identified here because she is a rape survivor.

Sex Offfender, Busted



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