Fugitive Killer of Caged Woman Shot Dead By L.E.

May 24, 2015

A fugitive killer, sought for murdering a woman who escaped a cage in his home over a month ago, was shot dead yesterday during an attempt to take him into custody. 

Armed sex offender and suspected murderer James B. Horn was cornered in a western Missouri wildlife sanctuary on Saturday, May 23, 2015, and died there in a hail of bullets after he refused to surrender to law enforcement.

James B. Horn mugshot

Horn had been on the run since late April when the woman he unlawfully held in a homebuilt wooden “box” fled her makeshift prison and reported him to the authorities.

A few weeks later, the kidnapper and rape suspect tracked his victim down to the home where she was in hiding, then killed her and a teenage son.

Horn’s own death now has put the community he lived in at ease again, police informed reporters after the brief shootout at the JN Turkey Kearn Memorial Wildlife Area, southeast of Kansas City.

"A lot of folks are very scared of this individual," a spokesman for the Missouri State Highway Patrol explained. "There's a huge amount of relief.”

James B. Horn had been convicted in the past for abductions and sexual assaults, and was listed on the national sex offender registry since the 1990s.

Homicide, however, was not a crime he was ever before thought guilty of, although in 1991 he had been diagnosed with “explosive personality disorder” as well as extreme narcissism and depression.

The ex marine was 47-years-old when he died.

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