Dahlia Yehia Murder: Nepal a Brutal End to Humanitarian’s Wanderlust (photo)

Sep 8, 2015

Nepal officials are searching a river for the body of Dahlia Yehia, the young volunteer relief-worker who vanished shortly after arriving in the quake-stricken country this summer. 

Dahlia Yehia: Nepal a Brutal End to Humanitarian’s Wanderlust (photo)

As police scour the Seti today, Yehia’s host during her mission of mercy is in police custody, after allegedly confessing he bludgeoned the Texan to death for her valuables then dumped the corpse into a nearby waterway.

Her brutal murder marks an unjustly tragic end for an altruistic artist and humanitarian whose loved ones say suffered an extreme case of wanderlust, wrapped in the desire to make the world a better place for everyone.

“She is a giver, lover and humanitarian who devoted her life to others less fortunate, both domestic and abroad,” Yehia’s people posted on the #FindDahlia Facebook page over the weekend.

“She was a gentle soul and a wonderful person and extremely caring about others in the world.”

Dahlia Yehia reportedly booked her fateful stay at the Pokhara Nepal home of accused killer, Narayan Paudel, via a website called CouchSurfing.

The popular travel exchange has often been criticized for attracting members who offer hosting to wealthy foreigners for ulterior purposes -- usually criminal.

Such seems to be the case with the local teacher who Nepalese authorities claim has admitted to robbing Ms. Yehia in early August, then beating her to death with a hammer and disposing of her body.

Paudel has since attempted suicide by leaping from his jailhouse rooftop, according to police and hospital spokesmen.


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