Missing U.S. Woman Was Helping Quake Victims When Slain - Nepal

Sep 7, 2015

A missing U.S. woman was helping Nepal quake victims when a Nepalese man killed her and allegedly threw her corpse in a filthy river. 

Missing U.S. Woman Was Helping Nepal Quake Victims When Slain - Kathmandu

Dahlia Yahia disappeared shortly after arriving in the devastation zone of Pokhara early this August and, although a suspect in custody confessed to killing the 27-year-old, her body has not been found yet.

The American woman traveled to the damaged region on a tourist visa solely for charitable purposes, making her death all the more senseless.

Little is known at this time about Yahia’s accused killer or his motive for committing the crime, except that “he confessed that he killed her and then threw her body into a river,” said a spokesman for the local police department.

“We have not found the body of the woman yet,” he told reporters for AFP yesterday, noting that the suspect was arrested last week and the Dahlia Yahia homicide investigation is still in progress.

However, the spokesman declined to provide reporters any details about how the victim was murdered or where the act took place.

The slain volunteer relief-worker was assisting homeless survivors living near the epicenter of Nepal’s deadly April quake which claimed the lives of almost 10,000 people and injured thousands more.

Her loved ones contacted authorities in Nepal to report her missing when the Texas woman ceased to call home or post anymore regular updates on her social media accounts.

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