Dartmoor Prison May Be Closed Under Government Plans

Sep 4, 2013 - 0 Comments


Possibly the end of an era in British penal history, whether or not that era will be missed is another matter.

The Government could close historic Dartmoor Prison as part of a programme to modernise jails, it was announced this morning.

The Ministry of Justice said today that it may not renew the lease of the Victorian jail near Princetown, north of Plymouth, which cuts a foreboding figure on the Devon landscape.

A statement read: "The Ministry of Justice will begin discussions with the Duchy of Cornwall about the future of HMP Dartmoor, as part of the Government’s ongoing plans to modernise the prison estate which is fairer on the hardworking taxpayer.

"The decision to start negotiations is not a reflection of the prison’s current performance, but about its poor physical condition. The age and limitations of the prison means it does not have a long-term future in a modern, cost-effective prison system. Read More

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