Dead Arkansas Pet Hoarder Eaten by Her Dogs (photo)

Dec 1, 2015

Arkansas cops had to shoot about ten “vicious” dogs to get to their owner’s gnawed-on corpse, while dozens more circled the dead pet hoarder’s property. 

The unidentified woman had been on police radar in the past for illegally collecting too many pets at her Van Buren County residence, according to public records.

Sometime last August, she passed away inside the rural home from complications of Hepatitis C, a coroner reported.

Her remains were then slowly chomped on by her starving pack of canines.

Almost 50 of the wild-eyed animals greeted officers conducting a welfare check this summer.

A sheriff’s spokesperson said deputies were required to gun down nine or ten dogs before they could safely enter the 65-year-old’s trailer and retrieve her partially-devoured body.

Dead Arkansas Pet Hoarder Eaten by Her Dogs (photo)

The rest of the victim’s dogs were hunted down and eventually killed too, as a public “health precaution.”

However, a veterinary expert later advised the lawmen that the probability of animals spreading diseases such as hepatitis to humans, even through a bite, was very remote.

The malnourished dogs likely would have needed to be euthanized anyway though, since, after eating human flesh, they had turned dangerously feral.

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