Death Row Overbooked in Cali

Apr 1, 2015 - 0 Comments

California’s death row is filled to capacity and the only way out of that dead-end dilemma is to either add more beds, or begin executing prisoners immediately. 

The state hasn’t actually killed any of its condemned guests in 10 years, although it keeps steadily adding more of them on a monthly basis.

Because of that, the day of reckoning has arrived at last, not only for those men and women California has long ago promised to put to death, but also for their keepers.

Currently, there are about 730 males and 20 females awaiting execution in crowded Californian jails, but at the rate of 20 new candidates annually -- and the year 2015 still being young yet -- the housing crisis has finally peaked.

Making matters worse, federal judges in California have begun criticizing the state’s capital punishment system, citing protracted delays in administering death sentences as “cruel and unusual punishment.”

With its death row overbooked now, California officially leads the nation in the number of convicts who have a date with the executioner, while the runner up, Florida, has just 400 such inmates.

Perhaps they could ship the surplus there…?

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