Disgraced Deserter Bowe Bergdahl (updates)

Mar 26, 2015 - 0 Comments

Disgraced deserter Bowe Bergdahl now claims he “tried to escape” his Taliban captors “many times” before finally being released last summer in a prisoner swap for five top Guantanamo-held leaders. 

Recent revelations that Bergdahl got himself grabbed in the first place because he was wandering away from his unit and base -- again -- is what has made him the current subject of a military court martial, with some very dire consequences if convicted.

His lawyer, however, contends that, since it’s undeniable the 28-year-old was in fact a POW of the dreaded Taliban, then that allegedly brutal 5-year incarceration should at the very least mitigate the charges against him.

According to embarrassing performance reports concerning the less-than-ideal soldier, Bergdahl was apparently used to "roaming off" whenever he pleased, and the final fateful time he did cost him his liberty when the enemy found him virtually separated from his unit and unarmed.

That should entitle the habitual deserter "to some leniency" his defense counsel further contends, those five long years spent in captivity ostensibly being deducted from the life sentence his client is potentially facing.

Bergdahl’s ex army buddies vehemently disagree though, insisting a half dozen good soldiers’ lives were wasted in the arduous but unsuccessful effort to free their captured comrade.

They want that factored into the prosecution’s full pursuit of Sergeant Bergdahl, albeit it’s not exactly clear if the fatalities they’re referring to were the direct result of the failed rescue mission itself.

The only thing very clear in the brewing legal storm ahead is that Obama’s controversial prisoner exchange returned to the Taliban five loyal fighters of far greater value than Bergdahl proved himself to be.

All of whom had been legitimately caught during the heat of battle.


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