Durst Letter NOT THE JINX Led to Arrest

Mar 17, 2015 - 0 Comments

It was a Robert Durst letter, not The Jinx bombshell he uttered during HBO’s filming of the crime special about him, which led to the accused killer’s arrest during the Ides of March. 

Police revealed today that the murderous-sounding missive Durst sent to murder victim Susan Berman, well in advance of her slaying, ultimately provided the most vital piece of evidence against him.

The 71-year-old evil eccentric was then apprehended in New Orleans, and has finally been charged in Los Angeles County with murder one in the mob-like killing of his missing wife’s friend.

Ironically, Berman herself is reported to have familial ties with such celebrity gangsters as Bugsy Siegle. She was found slain at her home in 2001 -- shot in the back of the head gangland style.

Prosecutors state that, just prior to her shooting death, the victim had been summoned for questioning by homicide detectives assigned to the 1982 missing person case of Durst’s first wife, Kathleen, to whom Berman was a close confidant.

The suspicious disappearance of Kathleen Durst still remains unsolved to this day, although it’s hoped, now that the sole suspect in it has at last been arrested, he’ll cough up a bona fide belated confession.

The dubious one HBO purports Robert Durst supplied their crew, while unknowingly wearing a live microphone inside the film studio’s bathroom, is presently being analyzed for its authenticity.

Investigators want to rule out the possibility that the otherwise useful recording “was tampered with” by producers hoping to further sensationalize their already sensational crime show.

Durst’s secretly-taped admission to himself that he, “killed them all,” did rather conveniently furnish a startling wrap-up to HBO’s final segment of The Jinx.

It’s hard to say, however, if the off-camera mumblings of a deranged old man will have any real credence. Or, if so, whether his bizarre soliloquy can be legally used against him.


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