Evil Mastermind of Paris Bloodbath Died During Shootout in St. Denis - France

Nov 19, 2015

BREAKING: French officials have confirmed today that the mastermind of last week’s bloodbath in Paris was in fact shot dead during yesterday’s massive raid on a St. Denis apartment building. 

Abdelhamid Abaaoud had been the target of France’s 7-hour siege in the Moslem district of that Parisian suburb which saw thousands of rounds exchanged with Syrian terrorists, and at least a dozen bomb blasts.

It took until this morning for forensic investigators to formally identify 29-year-old Abaaoud as one of the bullet-riddled bodies found in the rubble relatively intact.

The Belgian is one of two armed radicals who was being sought for orchestrating Friday the 13th’s terror attacks in the heart of the City of Light which left close to 500 unarmed civilians maimed or dead.

Authorities in Brussels greeted the breaking news cautiously, though, warning that they’ve many times thought thugs like Abaaoud were neutralized, only to learn that some still managed to “come back from the dead.”

French prosecutors, however, insist fingerprints were lifted from the ex convict’s corpse and matched with those in his lengthy criminal file.

A second suspect who blew herself up at the scene with a suicide vest is believed now to have been Abdelhamid Abaaoud’s younger cousin.

Seven others were taken alive into police custody on Wednesday -- one of whom rented beds to the Daesh terror cell ringleaders just days before launching the Paris assaults, and who also has a rap-sheet.

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