Flight Risk Oscar Pistorius Ordered to Appear in Court ASAP (photo)

Dec 4, 2015

South African prosecutors today have demanded Oscar Pistorius appear in court ASAP “as a matter of extreme urgency.” 

Likely they fear the newly convicted killer of Reeva Steenkamp -- released just last month to a *home arrest* at his uncle’s mansion -- might be considering fleeing their jurisdiction now.

If he doesn’t, Pistorius will be facing up to 15 years in prison, rather than the mere five he had originally been sentenced to for manslaughter, and for which he was only required to serve less than a year.

Flight Risk Oscar Pistorius Ordered to Appear in Court ASAP (photo)

Yesterday, a five-panel appellate overturned the lower court’s prior decision and lenient sentencing, stating the trial judge “erred” in finding Oscar Pistorius simply guilty of accidental homicide, when in fact he had deliberately committed murder.

The celebrity paraplegic athlete, known worldwide as Blade Runner for his special running shoes, was previously considered a flight risk whilst he was being tried for the shooting death of Reeva Steenkamp in 2013.

Now that he’s to be rejailed soon, and for a far lengthier period of time than before, he’s got an even greater incentive to want to drop out of sight and leave his country behind.




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