Food Network Contestant Slain for Fame

Mar 17, 2015 - 0 Comments

The motive for a Food Network contestant’s slaying and that of her husband and unborn child appears have been robbery -- yet another harsh reality check for those seeking “15 minutes of fame” via pseudo-reality television. 

Police say Cristie Schoen Codd, a 2012 finalist in the popular Food Network's show, and a food caterer by profession, was slain March 12, 2015 by one of her neighbors who netted a petty profit in exchange for bloodying his hands.

Also at home at the time of the pregnant woman’s killing was her husband Joseph Codd who likewise perished on the mistaken assumption that the semi-famous couple was loaded.

Investigators discovered the Codd’s double-murder after they responded to a missing person report concerning Joseph, which had been filed by his family.

Sheriff's deputies then went to the Codd’s North Carolina mountain residence in Leicester, Asheville where they found vehicles and two dogs, but no sign of the couple.

Soon thereafter, 35-year-old Robert Jason Owens, who lives virtually next door, was questioned and subsequently charged with two counts of first-degree murder, as well as larceny and breaking-and-entering.

 He’s also being charged for the death of Cristie Schoen Codd’s fetus.

The accused killer of three made off with only a laptop, some jewelry, and a handgun.


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