Gobsmacked Google Sorry for App Gaff that IDd Blacks as Apes

Jul 5, 2015

The latest Google app gaff in which an image ID product tagged a black couple as “gorillas” has the company’s embarrassed execs scrambling for a benign explanation and profuse apologies. 

The massive feature-fail was pointed out by the subjects of the scandalous and intrinsically racist slur themselves, one of whom just happens to be a software developer.

"This is 100% not OK," Google executive Yonatan Zunger humbly agreed this week, via a Twitter tweet.

Google logoGoogle’s encountered similar criticism for wrongly labeling Web media, and even producing erroneous maps and rigging its search results.

All of which may explain the latest move by high tech corporations -- struggling now to fairly rate, rank, refer and reward internet content through webcrawling bots -- to employ actual human beings as backup.

Hopefully this “new experiment” will prove that, in the race to produce *infallible* artificial intelligence, real people with real brains and a real knack for reasoning abstractly are still indispensable.

In the meantime, though, Google says that real users of their really flawed image app can correct or remove unrealistically labeled photographs, thereby teaching machines voluntarily.


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