James Hubert Explainer: What We Know About His Odd Missing Persons Case - GA

Oct 20, 2015

Formerly missing Georgia Tech student James Hubert is recovering from his bizarre and brutal disappearance over the weekend, leaving thousands of people to wonder what really happened to him Friday night. 

That’s still difficult to ascertain, because the badly injured 24-year-old remains largely incoherent since being found Monday morning "facedown" beside train tracks. But various sources have offered the following statements to explain his extremely odd missing persons case:

1. Hubert’s mom, Didi Olivia, posted an update on Facebook today -- she says her son was “mugged, robbed and had the s*** beaten out of him, adding that “when he got off the train he was jumped, beaten up, robbed and left for dead.”

2. That’s what the photo of him lying bloodied on a stretcher would suggest, but a Georgia Tech spokesman told NBC News he had no additional insight to offer because whatever befell Hubert happened off-campus and therefore the “Atlanta Police Department had taken over the investigation.”

3. This, jurisdictionally speaking, is totally logical. However, the APD informed the same media agency this morning that “due to his injuries we have not been able to interview Mr. Hubert.”

4. Classmates of James Hubert who found him using a tracking-app were more helpful though: “We've gotten out of him ‘I was jumped by a homeless person,’” one of the students told reporters. “Then we got he ‘was beat up by a group of people,” then he said he ‘was hit by a train’ …[etc.]”

5. The chief of Georgia Tech’s security force, which was not responsible for finding the college’s missing aerospace student, did provide the public a brief written statement yesterday updating Hubert’s status to FOUND. “Thanks go to the students for not giving up on their friend,” it succinctly read.

6. Meanwhile, another Facebook update was just posted this afternoon by Hubert’s mother reporting that her son is “in ICU with broken vertebrae, broken ribs, broken scapula, punctured lung, blood on the brain, paralyzed left side (hopefully temporary) [and] he's in a lot of pain and on morphine resting.”

7. The young woman who actually first located Jimmy Hubert near the train station on Monday morning has since told NBC’s equally-baffled news crew that she thinks “he walked the train tracks, or he was placed there because his shoes were not on his feet. All of his belongings -- his wallet, phone -- are gone,” she added. “He said he was beat up, so I think he was mugged and maybe dumped there.”

This case is still developing; please check back with Crime Magazine for additional updates.

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