Jodi Arias Death Deadlock

Mar 5, 2015 - 0 Comments

A second jury’s let Jodi Arias escape execution for the killing of Travis Alexander.


After extensive deliberations, jurors announced earlier today they’d reached a decision in the retrial of Arias’s sentencing ... only to inform the judge when reconvening that they had as well ended up in deadlock.

As with the first hung jury, they simply couldn’t agree on whether Arias, now 34, should be put to death or not, leaving the Court no other choice but to give her a life sentence instead.

The butchered body of Travis Alexander, 30, was found slumped in the bathroom of his Arizona home in June 2008, and his flamboyant ex-girlfriend Arias was eventually convicted for his stabbing and shooting death.

Despite finding that she’d knifed the victim 30 times and slit his throat from ear to ear, the original jury still couldn’t unanimously decide if she too should be slain for the heinous crime she’d committed.

Both deadlocked juries saw themselves summarily dismissed upon the inability to reach a unanimous sentencing decision, with the judge each time compelled by law to declare a mistrial on that phase, ultimately in the defendant’s favor.

So with this long awaited conclusion to the Alexander murder trial saga, and no noose around her neck anymore, only the issue of Jodi Arias being granted the possibility of parole will be left hanging now.



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