#KAMIKAZE Germanwings Pilot Mass Murdered 150 (photos)

Mar 26, 2015 - 0 Comments

Investigators say a kamikaze Germanwings pilot mass murdered 150 passengers and crew this week, locking a senior pilot out of the cockpit just before sending the airplane into a fast and furious descent. 

That’s what officials have concluded after finally locating the flight’s recorder and discovering that it contained “absolute silence” on the part of Andreas Lubitz, whilst screams, alarm bells, and his fellow pilot frantically pounding on the cabin door, can be heard in the background.

#AndreasLubitz Germanwings dive-bomber

The 28-year-old alleged dive-bomber also perished in the Alps, the impact of the plane he doomed on the mountainside leaving a debris field so scattered and intricate it “may take months” to sort out.

#Germanwings flight brought down "deliberately"

As to the motive for the heinous act of mass murder and the perpetrator’s own suicide, this too may take some time to process, investigators warn, because thus far there’s nothing about Lubitz which would have raised any serious red flags.

That being said, even in advance of a thorough analysis of the “black box” recordings, grave suspicions that the crash had been intentional were already beginning to form. Mainly because it didn’t sound as if Andreas Lubitz had been experiencing a medical crisis or was unconscious, and his breathing “was regular and normal.”

Moreover, asserted a French prosecutor today, there is evidence that Lubitz had deliberately overridden a failsafe mechanism which would have allowed the other pilot to unlock the door from the outside.

Everyone onboard the Germanwings flight, and the aircraft itself, were instantaneously pulverized as a result of his sabotage.

There has been a spate of similarly inexplicable airline tragedies over the past few years, such as that of missing Malaysian plane MH370, that could soon be viewed -- and probed -- differently, now that this one seems so clearly the work of an evil mastermind.


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