Mali Hostages Radisson Blu Hotel (developing)

Nov 20, 2015

Some of the Mali hostages have been freed from the Radisson Blu Hotel this morning, when special government forces stormed the building. 

Actual numbers of those rescued vary from only a handful to almost 80 -- two such foreigners reported seeing a “fair-skinned man” lying dead in one of the corridors as they fled.

At this hour, sporadic gunfire can be heard inside the luxury complex which was seized by gunmen spouting Islamic threats several hours ago.

The popular tourist destination is owned and operated by American-based Rezidor Hotel Group, making it an “obvious target” for terrorists.

An estimated 170 internationals were staying in Radisson’s 190-room facility at the time of today’s assault, most of whom were still in their rooms.

A Mali government spokesman has just confirmed that soldiers escorted some hostages to freedom a short while ago, and that “30 others were able to escape on their own.”

The heavily armed hostage-takers appear to have holed up on the seventh floor, he said. It’s not yet known how many there are, but they allegedly arrived in a car bearing diplomatic plates.

It’s also suspected that the attackers were acquainted with Radisson’s own security guards, who are known to forego using metal detectors when approached by those “whom they recognize.”

Mali is a former French colony; France has continued to provide military support to beat back Muslim radicals seeking to gain control of the country through large scale acts of terrorism.

French forces are believed to be currently assisting Malian police and soldiers in securing the resort city of Bamako where the besieged hotel is situated.

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