MANHUNT: Escaped Convict/s At Large

Mar 31, 2015 - 0 Comments

A massive manhunt in two different states for two different convicts who used the same motif within the same timeframe to escape their armed escorts is presently underway. 

Virginia authorities are searching for a now-armed prisoner who broke out of Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, following a struggle with a security guard in which he was able to steal the man’s gun.

Identified as Wossen Assaye, the escapee was being held on federal charges of armed bank robbery and had just been taken to the emergency room after allegedly trying to hurt himself.

That hospital is currently under lockdown as a room-to-room search is being made for him.

Assaye is considered armed and dangerous, but it shouldn’t be difficult for the public to identify him from a safe distance if he did manage to leave the facility -- he’s wearing only a green hospital gown and booties.

Similarly, New Jersey officials have also launched a manhunt after an inmate escaped from a Newark hospital where he was allegedly being treated for chest pains.

Elijan Shabazz was being held for armed robbery, too, as well as burglary and resisting arrest.

He somehow eluded two police officers assigned to guarding him while undergoing tests  at Newark’s University Hospital for a possible heart attack.

The facility was also placed briefly in lockdown when they finally noticed Shabazz was gone.

It’s not clear if this pair of cunning perps actually know each other, although the timing of the two identical events they each orchestrated is more than a little curious.


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