Meredith Kercher Killer Rudy Guede on Day Release (photos)

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Rudy Guede was only 20-years-old when he scoped out the Perugian flat of Meredith Kercher on a November night in 2007 and waited till the young British college student was alone there to rob and rape her at knifepoint. 

He botched the operation, of course, with very deadly consequences, and just two days later had fled Italy for Germany, in hopes of escaping arrest and prosecution.

The rise and fall of a natural-born killer

Meredith Kercher's killer Rudy GuedeWhether it was in his genes or influenced by a fractured upbringing -- or both -- Rudy Guede’s propensity for wrongdoing was already prominent by the time he was a teenager.

Nevertheless, fate smiled kindly on the under-aged miscreant when, at age 15, a wealthy Italian family decided they should adopt him.

Just a few years into that storybook tale, though, Guede was unceremoniously asked to leave his new family’s home, never to return.

By then, it had become more than clear to everyone concerned, including the Italian authorities, that the perpetually wayward youth was a hopeless liar, thief, and drug addict.

Murder most foul started as rape and burglary

On the evening of November 1, 2007, the criminally out-of-control Guede lay in wait outside Meredith Kercher’s all but empty apartment building and, around midnight, observing she was at last in her bedroom and alone, he broke into the place.

Meredith Kercher

If only Guede had known beforehand that this pretty and petite young female who he’d been targeting for at least a week in advance had recently taken up karate, then maybe things might have gone differently that fateful night. For both of them.

But he wasn’t aware of this, and, when Kercher recognized her attacker and endeavored to defend herself from him, a panicked Rudy Guede, armed per usual with a knife, clamped his hand down over her mouth and stabbed her to death.

Guede’s DNA everywhere, including in the toilet

There was much that Kercher’s not-too-swift killer failed to realize in his truly sloppy and heinous assault of her.

Most importantly, that he hadn’t merely left behind a brutally slain victim when he ran off, he’d also left his DNA at the crime scene.

Together with a few bloody prints and a pile of feces in the toilet.

Guede’s escalating crime spree ends murderously

Long before the rape and burglary of Ms. Kercher went so terribly awry, Guede had been steadily building up to a crime of its intensity.

Jailed repeatedly for possession, burglary and assault, records also show he had begun equipping himself with switchblades, particularly during his last criminal outings.

In fact, on at least one of those occasions, he was apprehended carrying a knife that was 11-inches long -- roughly the size of the one the Kercher girl was killed with.

Coerced confessions oldest trick in the book

Reportedly, the original object of Rudy Guede’s interest was not Meredith Kercher at all, but her fair-haired American roommate, Amanda Knox.

Free-spirited and adventurous Ms. Knox, however, had recently become involved with a young intellectual named Raffaele Sollecito. Thus, she was rarely coming home anymore, spending days on end at Sollecito’s more private and romantic flat.

That would prove, for her anyway, both lucky and unlucky.

Prisoner testimony second oldest trick in the book

Extradited back to Italy, and faced with irrefutable forensic proof that he slaughtered Kercher in a bungled rape and robbery attempt, Guede eventually pleaded guilty to the murder in a private, fast-track trial that allowed him to wrongly wriggle out of a life sentence.

Then, to further reduce that prison time, and at the behest of Italian prosecutors, he changed his original confession, this time fingering Knox as his “sexually-deviant” accomplice and inadvertently implicating her hapless young lover, Sollecito, as well.

Add up all that treacherous finagling and it means Kercher’s coldblooded killer got only 16 years for her slaying, and, worse, is now eligible for day release, provided he’s been a model inmate while incarcerated.

Females don’t rape, rob and kill

No, they do not. And females especially don’t rape, rob and kill females.

On the other hand, the crimes they have historically been accused, tried, and sometimes even convicted of, are equally peculiar, unfounded ones … like witchcraft.


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