Missing Killer Cobra Found Slain.

Jul 18, 2015

A missing killer cobra suspected of fatally biting its owner while in transit was later found slain itself, after fleeing the vehicle and being run over on the highway. 

Police investigating the suspected death-by-venom of a Texan -- discovered in an idling car with another snake, a bullfrog and six tarantulas -- believe the deceased viper who attacked the man somehow escaped from its crate.

The Monocled Cobra had been officially listed as missing for three days thereafter when a motorist finally reported finding its body in the middle of the road, several miles from the earlier crime scene.

The killer snake, which is not native to the area, was apparently the dead man’s pet and, when not touring Texas by automobile, is said to have been housed in his residence.

Autopsy and toxicology tests are still pending on the unnamed individual to confirm if he did indeed die from a venomous bite.


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