Missing Woman Likely Abducted

Mar 12, 2015 - 0 Comments

Authorities say a missing woman who lives directly across from a California university that’s recently experiencing a spate of violent assaults on its female students may have been abducted.

Sahray Barber, 22, disappeared outside of Cal State San Bernardino the first week of March 2015, and a few of her personal articles were later found mysteriously “placed”  in nearby bushes.

MISSING: Sahray Barber

She was expected to be at work the day she vanished, but hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

If Barber is involuntarily gone, then she’s one of a handful of young women similarly victimized on or near that particular college campus in the past few weeks, giving rise to fears of a criminal element lurking there now.

Unlike the missing woman, however, the other victims are all accounted for, and each of them successfully managed to escape their unknown male attacker, including at least one who was sexually assaulted and another who was the target of an attempted kidnapping.

The fact that some were coming and going from classes or the campus library when they were suddenly jumped and dragged prompted the university’s president Tomas Morales to at last address the growing threat to his female students’ security.

"Over the last two weeks, CSUSB has experienced an unprecedented number of crimes on campus," Morales vaguely stated. "This is incredibly disturbing, as this university has long been a model for campus safety, including being ranked amongst the safest campuses in California."

Although the disappearance of Sahray Barber might not be tied to Cal State’s crime spree, a connection to it has not been ruled out either. Anyone with information about her case is therefore urged  to call the San Bernardino Police Department at 909-384-5742.



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